Can a computer fool you into thinking it is human?

  • 28th September 2019

This is an interesting read from the BBC Tech team - can a computer fool you into thinking it is human?

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How organisations can reduce the likelihood of malware infection

  • 25th September 2019

If malware is a mystery to you, this is a handy guide from the NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) which tells you

how you can reduce your risk. If your business needs advice on this, we're happy to help!

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Who should take ownership of your cyber security strategy?

  • 16th September 2019

Who in your organisation should be responsible for your cyber security strategy? Some interesting thoughts

here looking at the importance of cyber security for businesses.

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Top software failures in recent history

  • 9th September 2019

Software failures affect some of the world's largest companies like O2 and British Airways - here are some of the

most recent examples.

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